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Stake DeFi NMX and earn income every day NMX farming APY 2,600%

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 27, 2021, 08:41 am

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Stake DeFi NMX and earn income every day
First native exchange token with passive income from 4 decentralized staking pools

NMX farming APY 2,600%

First utility staking of NMX utility token
Staking of Nominex exchange token is utility: stake more assets and get higher affiliate level as well as 8 bonus types. Higher your level, the lower are trading and withdrawal fees - up to 0%.

3 years on the market
40M+ daily trading volume
400+ liquidity score
4,6 Reviews

Earn NMX passively or extra passively
The distribution of NMX tokens is proportional to the amount of NMX-LPs that you stake.

Stake personally in primary pool
Every day, you earn your share of 10 000 NMX by staking personally

More passive
Stake longer and get rewarded from bonus pool
You get a share of the 20% of primary pool for long-term staking

Much more passive
Just Invite direct referrals
And both of you will receive 5% - 40% in addition to personal staking

Super passive
Invite friends and get income from team pool
Earn NMX from staking of all partners in your structure, who also stake NMX-LP

Extra passive
Multiply your team staking reward
Stake more, get higher partner package and get x2 income from team farming

Add some liquidity, stake NMX-LP, and get daily rewards
NMX-LP staking Contract Address

How to get rewards?
Put some NMX and USDT into liquidity pool and get liquidity provider rewards
Stake NMX-LP and earn NMX from 4 staking pools
Stake 7 days or 1 month or 1 year and get up to 900% NMX more
Stake more NMX-LP
and upgrade your Level
get 8 types of bonuses and commission-free trading

Liquidity staked

<100 USDT

100 USDT

300 USDT

1,000 USDT

3,000 USDT
Bonus from direct referral trading fees
Direct staking reward
Bonus from team expenses
Extra profit to the Team Staking Reward
Free crypto withdrawals
1 free withdrawal per day
2 free withdrawals per day
Discounts on trading fees up to 100%
4 extra referral bonuses
Team helper reward, Leadership reward, Advancement Reward and Fast start reward will help you earn up to $50,000 per week

10,000 USDT
3 free withdrawals per day

Successful smart contract audit
NMX DeFi personal and team farming contract approved be secure industry leaders

Approved by industry leaders
We're proud to declare that our DeFi smart contract was tested and approved by and such crypto industry expert as Alexey Makeev!

Buy / sell in two clicks
Without registration, KYC, deposits, bids / asks and order management

Under your control
Despite an exchange being centralised, only you are in control of your NMX wallet.

Stake together with friends and get rewards
Get daily NMX reward from each friend that staked NMX-LP with the first team farming protocol ever created

Get your share
2,000 NMX distributed among the "weak" teams every day

Earn from endless levels
Income from 2nd, 20th or 2000th level will definitely make a difference.

Grow your binary teams
The first referral level consists of 2 people, the next level consists of 4 people, and so on.

72 years of DeFi NMX token distribution
We distribute 172 million of tokens within 72 years by 4 staking pools. It's a healthy, deflationary tokenomics project on a growing BSC.

Earn NMX daily
Every day, a smart contract allocates up to 40,000 NMX and distributes it evenly between stakers.

Start staking early to get the best farming conditions
There will be 35% less tokens at the end of the year comparing to the start

The longer you stake the more you get
Long-term staking has a positive effect on the price of token - selling tokens won't be as effective as holding

Early NMX Holder?
Information on the allocation of previously received tokens here

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Stake DeFi NMX and earn income every day NMX farming APY 2,600% - USDT - review - Your Trading Freedom Next Generation Crypto Exchange
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